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This site is primarily aimed at recording what was and what is left of the abandoned railway infrastructure which once criss crossed the region. Many services were closed after the Beeching Report of 1963, although some succumbed earlier. Today, evidence of the existence of these lines is rapidly disappearing. Other galleries concentrate on the British Rail era between 1974 and 1984 with a few contemporary views. Much has changed on these lines with the closure of most manual signal boxes and the consequent loss of semaphore signals and manually operated crossings. The March to Spalding link also closed during this period. The site also includes guest galleries, some going back to the age of steam with some rare long forgotten scenes.

Alan Moore, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Contributions to the site would be very welcome.

Contact:- alan@eastanglianrailwayarchive.co.uk

NEW GALLERY 23/3/2014 The Brian Leighton Collection. (Ipswich and East Suffolk area 1950s/1960s)

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